After the drunk she went to go fing her a new boyfreind and come across a straping young man names Ganon.

T-Bird Ro

One day I got bored and decided to go out, where I did
not know. Now this place of which I did not know was
Overflowing with the most exciting things to do. In fact, it
was so exciting, that people of all stripes clamored to
participate. One person got so excited, that she very
nearly wet her pants. Fortunately, just as she was at the
bursting point, a very strange thing happened. She woke
up, and realised she was just having a dream so she
proceded to take a shower and get the day started.

Showered, dressed, and refreshed, Zelda felt much better,
and went downstairs to the kitchen.Then she realized she
was in a strange kitchen with a strange man. Not only was the kitchen unfamiliar, as well as the bewildered man now staring at her intently, but she also realized that the clothes she had on were not hers.

"Hey, honey. Those clothes look good on you. Now get your butt on over here", said the strange man.
Then the man noticed she was not a she at all.

The man said, "You're not Zelda, you are Zeek, the dude from the bar that bought me a drink the other night.
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