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    Johali's Rate the race -- Loudon

    I liked it...... 8
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    Bonehead of the Week: New Hampshire

    I have to say NASCAR
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    TV links

    Well at least the tv links still work. don't know how many people still use it
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    NFL 2020-21

    There's a reason The Packers got rid of Mike
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    Who will be the 2020 Rookie of the Year?

    I'm going with Bell
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    Chase Elliott

    Thanks me too.
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    Kyle Busch's decision to stop before the race ended

    I'm a KB fan, yea I like to see him on the track, Not worth it with a broken sway bar. You see countless cars through the year with damage...those cars can easily bring out 3 cautions because of numerous flat tires, or dropping debris on the track. He did the right thing not to hamper the end...
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    Bonehead of the Race, Las Vegas 2

    I'm A Busch fan, and even I have to nominate him:(
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    Rate The Cup Race: Pocono 1

    5 Even tho My driver won.
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    2019 Daytona -- Advent Health Speedweeks/Clash -- Pre-Race Thread

    What are Chevy guys going to complain about when their cars still suck.... Still getting used to the car? Lol
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    Pick the winner of the clash!

    I'll take Brad
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    Pick the winner of the clash!

    If Chase drives like he did in practice you don't stand a chance;)
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    NASCAR layoffs

    wow, how things change
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