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    Rate the Cup race - Phoenix 2

    1, at no point was this not a chore to watch.
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    Attending Night Racing vs Day Racing

    Something about Daytona under lights I cannot get enough of, plus the sun isn’t beating down on you. Sucks that Kansas will no longer be under the lights. Even the couple Sunday evening races we had this year were fun. I hope they try it more often.
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    The Announcers Thread

    the tony romo effect. Romo is a borderline prophet, now every network is looking for next romo. I’m campaigning for Ed soundhead to be the new guy in Fox’s booth. He commentates while playing wreckfest and nascar heat on YouTube.
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    Who do you "NOT" want as 2019 Cup champion

    jd Gibbs dies, suddenly the Gibbs cars have more horsepower at Daytona than dale junior post seniors death.
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    What is your "home track"?

    Kansas, unfortunately, it’s an 8 hour drive from Bismarck. Chicago is 12, Indy about 14.5. but flights to Daytona and Phoenix are cheap enough, that usually it is just as much to hit those races.
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    Who do you "NOT" want as 2019 Cup champion

    It’s been obvious since speedweeks that Gibbs was going to be handed the championship. Gotta give old joe Gibbs the opportunity to give his heart felt speech at the banquet you know.
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    The Attendance Thread

    Move one race to Iowa, since the spring race is no longer under the lights?
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    Electric slide downward

    They’re cutting costs because the lower teams cannot compete yet they’re about to engineer their way to a 20 car Daytona 500 field, but yeah, let’s go the hybrid route. Not one series has seen a gain going the hybrid route. Le man is down to just the Toyota’s, and most European and Australian...
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    What's your unpopular NASCAR opinion?

    The season should end the last week of September, and no track gets a second race.
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    2019 Talladega 2 -- Pre-Race Thread

    Playoff talladega has unfortunately devolved into a team orders, pussyfoot race. But otherwise it is my second favorite track.
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    fox not on dish anymore

    Hulu live tv package is $40, YouTube tv is $50. Fubo is also an option and you can add Mavtv for the few arca races. None of those options have half the channels traditional carriers carry. Personally, my local cable company(midco) hasn’t had a true, channel blackout dispute in nearly 10 years...
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    Kyle Busch's decision to stop before the race ended

    I’m going to vote poor sport. Junior wanted to park his car at homestead, but his crew chief demanded he stay out there until the checker, personally I’m glad he did. It is just a bad look. If he had significant damage, preventing him from maintaining minimum speed, obviously park it. But if he...
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    Rate The Cup Race: Charlotte Roval

    10 Nice to see the drivers fight for position than just ride around.
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    RATE The Cup Race : Richmond 2

    3. Is it me, or were the cars really slow tonight, like martinsville slow. If nbc’s mph is accurate and the radar gun at my local dirt track is calibrated right, I’ve seen higher straight away speeds on 1/2 mile dirt.
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    2019 South Point 400 -- Las Vegas --- Pre-race thread

    Hopefully the empty grand stands at both Indy and Daytona rights that stupid decision within the next year or two. But really nascar needs to swap Kansas and Vegas dates. Or do a three way swap, move Vegas to November, Texas to October, and Kansas this weekend. Or... just cut all three races...
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