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    Potentially stupid question about no practice or qualifying at Atlanta

    If it really was about the number of people being exposed at the track Nascar could do a better job. A podcast I heard called "Door Bumper Clear" , which is a good podcast, and done by spotters for Dirty Mo production (Dale Jr.). Those guys said the normal roster is 21 people and Nascar...
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    real race cars on track in two weeks

    It is not that the drivers need the practice. We always here that Nascar cup drivers are the best in the world. We can debate that topic on another thread. I am just surprised that the teams do not want to at least shake the cars down. I don't care how many times the car is checked and...
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    real race cars on track in two weeks

    I know all to we'll what it costs to own and run a race car. But I don't see how one set of tires for practice is going to brake anyone. Also you should agree that it doesn't matter how well the car is checked and double checked at the shop. Until the car is at speed and under load no one is...
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    real race cars on track in two weeks

    What's the reason that there is no practice? I a one hour practice session would be a wise move to shake down the cars and make sure everything is safe. Plus Nascar is the first sport starting back up. So if more eyes are on the sport? Would it not male sense and put the best show on...
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    Ryan Newman Has Made It

    I glad Ryan is going to survive. I hope and pray he doesn't have a head injury or paralysis. I hope he can at least have a normal life for his girls. I wouldn't pat Nascar to much on the back. I think the initial reaction of the safety crew tonight was terrible. Just watch the replay it...
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    RACE thread --- Daytona 500

    NBCSN is going to have Nascar America at 9 PM.
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    RACE thread --- Daytona 500

    I feel extra sorry for Ryan Newman's girls right now. Mom and Dad announced they were separating last week. And now the girls might have lost there father. Praying for Ryan and his daughters.
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    The Announcers Thread

    We lost the best announcer way to soon. Neil Bonnet was the best. He could break anything down into common speak without talking down to the audience. Bob Jenkins, Ned and Benny were the best booth. Things need to go back the way Ned spoke about on WindTunnel. He said "We use to cover a...
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    Steve Phelps' State of the Sport news conference

    The only constant and positive for the sport is the guaranteed TV money it receives. And that is only a positive for Nascar/ISC/FRANCE and SMI because they receive the majority share of the money. The TV revenue has been carrying the sport these past few years. So why does everyone think that...
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    The phenomenon of title contenders winning the final race.

    I thought I would refresh everyone's memory and bring back this topic. Just to remind us all what is really happening in the race for the championship . Let's us remember what Allenbaba told us ; a person in the garage,.that Nascar let's the top four teams cheat up the cars. Plus the little...
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    Who Is The 2019 Champion?

    Well we all know that Nascar gives the final 4 special "inspection" of their cars. So it is WWE Smack down time. So which ever driver/ team makes the most compelling story and get headlines for Nascar gets the title. My guess is Hamlin. FedEx has paid the dues and has been a long term...
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    Kansas is not about the racing. It is all about the casino that the France family has ownership . France/Nascar is all about the dollar dollar bills. It is a shame to not give the ARCA series the proper respect it is due. Remember when the Daytona race was on Sunday and the ARCA series was...
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    What Do you Think of the New Package?

    Wow. The V8 Supercars and Indy car get it. Take down force away and the driver has to drive the car and the racing is better. Rick Mears said it in an article on earlier this year. High horsepower and low down force brings the bottom drivers to the top because it forces them...
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    NASCAR Wives Show

    I just watched 10 minutes of the second episode, and even with the show on mute it is unwatchable. The show is misnamed. It should be named "Cleavage Racing Wives". I am not complaining but come on. Also if Amber Balcaen wants to be taken seriously. She really needs to lose the cleavage...
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    Daytona RACE thread

    Holy Crap!! Anyone else think that the commercials are excessive already?
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