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Discussion in 'Open Wheel Racing' started by FLRacingFan, Jan 4, 2018.

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    He was always going to get into Indycar, especially when his dad works for Andretti, plus it's looking like he'll win the Indy Lights series title and that's a 3-race schedule there. With the news of McLaren maybe partnering with Andretti for 2019, it may have to be another team on the grid now. Probably a Honda one, maybe Andretti hires him out, maybe Bryan Herta separates his team from Andretti (doubting that)...
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    Roger Penske vs. Eddie Goosegg...I know who I'm betting on.

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    I'm not sure I understand why, but both Detroit races were watched by many more people than the Texas race. I don't think Indy 500 coattails would flip that reality. I don't know what is happening to appreciation for oval racing in America, but Indycar has one "grand oval". I personally want them on the schedule, but they aren't the draw they used to be.

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    I personally wish we could get them back at MIS but that ship has sailed. These cars are incredible to watch on ovals, albeit they need a little more downforce at Indy for next year
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    NBCSN versus ABC is a big factor. The last time Texas was on ABC (2013) it got 1.4M viewers the weekend after Detroit got 883K and 1.0M. This year's number was no doubt pretty bad though. I imagine they'll come to an agreement to renew, but I can't say the same for other events like Iowa and Phoenix. I'd love to see some more ovals on the schedule too but besides Gateway and maybe Pocono I don't think the fans have shown up like they expected and need to call it a success.
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    creeping back to more down force..good. hope it doesn't get cluttered up by cars with mickey mouse ears and colored lug nuts.
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    Now this would be something. Could Alonso have burned yet another bridge that would preclude him from even a factory-backed IndyCar seat? I could certainly see Dixon culminating his career with the team founded by his countryman (about the only way he could ever leave CGR). At the very least, it's apparent McLaren are willing to do IndyCar with or without Alonso. And amid reports that McLaren are seeking Daniel Ricciardo for F1, they may be ready to move on from him entirely.

    Dixon to McLaren? The 2019 IndyCar silly season is ramping up
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