2019 Darlington Throwback Paint Schemes

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  1. Blaze

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    So far we got these.


    Throwback to his 2004 Ride with Chance 2 Motorsports

    Pretty cool I think.



    Daniel Hemric‘s No. 8 Chevrolet goes back about 70 years for its inspiration.

    Instead of a tribute to an old race car, RCR will recognize the history of sponsor Caterpillar with its scheme. Hemric’s car, with battleship gray and orange colors, is inspired by the design of CAT equipment and the logo used on them from its launch in 1925 until 1931.

    Hemric will make his first Cup start at Darlington after making two starts there in the Xfinity Series. His best result was 11th last year.


    I'm not sure if they are any others I've not seen so post away if you got any,
  2. MRM

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    Here's Michael Annette's Xfinity car.

  3. Johali

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    Maybe It'll make him go faster. :D
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  4. Blaze

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    That’s awesome!
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    What nerd drove that car. Probably amounted to nothing.
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