2023 ARCA Menards Series


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Feb 26, 2013
I want to know who asks for ARCA at Kansas twice a year
Malcolm could very soon be in the middle 3 wide. Frankie Muniz is expected to run the whole ARCA schedule

Thought Frankie was gonna run at Phoenix. Either way that’s great publicity.
I'm curious how he'll be doing in that car. Has he done any racing recently?

It takes a lot to destroy a chassis. A few years ago there was a story about Chris Fontaine's superspeedway truck that was built in 1997.
Yeah I'm just thinking back to all the death threats and such Sterling got from the events that day. It wouldn't have surprised me if something had been done with it. Like there is no official confirmation of what Richard Childress and NASCAR did with the 3 but there are a lot of stories some more believable then others.
Jesse Love will compete full-time this year.
Stephen Leicht will also run a few races. Not sure if the "inspired by Carl Long and Mike Harmon" part is a good thing.
Brayton's response

Amber B needs to continue to improve. Toni B will push her for sure
Toni was able to get up on the wheel and get aggressive when she ran the Carolina Pro Late Model Series. She wasn't bad there, which is why her ARCA performance has been disappointing. But that was also a pretty big leap.
I look for Amber to improve. I like that she came from midgets. (at least the Canadian version lol)
If anyone was ever curious here is the very low bar for a Facebook ****posting group to get itself on an ARCA car.


It's been a few hours the groups already up to over $700. Would be the 2nd time it's been on a race car. People raised enough to be on the bed of Stephen Mazzollis truck at Mid-Ohio last year.
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