2023 ARCA Menards Series

Zilisch…I thought that name sounded familiar. A couple of MX-5 Cup wins in a part-time schedule this season. Looking good in his ARCA debut so far.

Looks like he also does some learning in the CARS Tour. 😎
Didn't they just say race control will bring everyone down pit road? Some stayed out.
You dont have to come down, but if you do you keep your spot with all the cars that did come down but you will be behind the cars that stayed out
eh, Love moved him, I didn't like it because Connor DESERVED to win, but Love didn't wreck him. Connor's days are coming, he was beating the heck out of the field without a front sway bar. He's just a kid, plenty of years left and the big dogs who were watching saw the talent.
Got a text from my buddy Josh that I've converted into a racing fan - "would you be interested in seeing Frankie Muniz race at Toledo?" Well, duh buddy. I thought you'd never ask about going to see ARCA! So I guess I'll be going to the finale now?
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