2023 ARCA Menards Series

Custer had an adventure in this one
Some good racing. The drivers behaved themselves in the chicane.

A little sidenote; saw Cole Custer get out of a van and walked to the track with his helmet in one hand and a box of VooDoo donuts in the other hand.
Random Plug for PIR. If you ever get a chance there do the skid car class and get to race around to track at 100mph in a spec car without a co-pilot. Hella experience.

Speaking of not feeling well and racing, CP3 whom I spotted for was lights out when he didnt feel well. I dont know if he focused more or what but I loved it when he said he didnt feel well
15 tried to throw a block on somebody at his door smh Thats on his spotter
I noticed Wright had a chance to slide in to a slot but it seems his spotter was a little timid to clear him. Its understandable but you have to feel confident to make that call. I dont know how much experience he has but sooner or later you have to have faith in your calls and not second guess yourself
I love how they sat there and justified a clear jumped restart.

The Jesse Love dominance reminds me of all the crap Ty Dillon got away with.
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