2023 Chili bowl

I think Seavy in the new Swindell car is the one to beat. Local boys Hank Davis starts second and Cannon Mckintosh starts third are the two I'm pulling for in the A
The breaks in action for track prep are the only thing I don't like about this event. Unavoidable, but really kills momentum

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With these guys constantly flipping and "getting their bell rung" you have to wonder how many guys are getting concussions?

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Jade Avedisian starts B Feature 1 from the pole.

Taylor Reimer further back in this one.
Chase McDermand starts from pole position in B Feature 2.

Kaylee Bryson goes from 8th spot, looking for two straight Chili Bowl A Main starts.
Was she planning on streaking too with Bowman if they both lock in?
That’s quite a lineup ... 24 out of 365 cars and drivers that signed in for preliminary competition over 5 days and nights.

And 2 of them are young ladies. Astounding.
Unfortunately the cautions are killing the development of the battles up front, every damn time it's getting good.
Very respectful from Thorson on Seavey, they know each other well. Too bad they couldn't ever get the top dialed in with all of the track work. It was a reasonably suspenseful race, but far from the ideal version of this track. It needs a real ledge for it to rock.

Nice to see a well deserved first time winner again.
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