2023 High Limit Sprint Car Series

Commentators: The track is good. The track will be good. There will be more passing later. They chose to not have passing now. This is good and there is good action. There is passing, just look, that looked like a pass. The track will be great for the feature.

Me, at home, watching what feels like 1000 cautions: I wonder if they're trying to convey a message to the viewer?
Apparently had lot of ran. Makes for a sticky surface. Fortunately that have those apartments on the top of the cage to help absorb some of the impact of the 15 flips.
Yeah I don't think high limit needs support classes, or at least not 305s. Hopefully Grandview and Bridgeport run the 358 mods and big blocks with them.
2023 the year of reinventing the cone...
I wonder who’s bankrolling this operation?

Those ticket sales aren’t paying the winner 23K.
The Concrete Kid takes it, Larson looked like he tried to send it high into 1 and it didn't stick
I wonder who’s bankrolling this operation?

Those ticket sales aren’t paying the winner 23K.

Flo money, for now. I don't know whether these events are pure track rentals or what the structure is, but the support classes could be about helping the track with back gate money. Not sure.

Feature ended up being pretty intriguing with some highly technical racing going on up front.

Bowman fractured a vertebrae
This is pretty exciting for me. Decided at the last minute to go to this race. Kind of reminds me of days way back when, when you never knew for sure who was going to show up, but always felt like it would be a stellar field. Becoming a huge fan of High Limit Sprint Car Series.
Looks like Buddy is going to be in the Indy Parts #71.
I figure tonight's race has to be better than 34 was. Lineup is, once again, absolutely fantastic. Also doesn't hurt that there's the ASA at North Wilkesboro and a Lucas Oil feature too all in the same day.
Jake Swanson keeps the Bowman 55 in one piece and squeaks it into the B Main from the C.
Chase Randall takes the Dash (and the pole for the A Main), Larson 3rd.
If they're that eager to get a driver to choose to start further back for extra money, they either need to

A. Offer a bigger bonus. A substantially lesser chance to win $38k doesn't beat a substantially better chance to win $32k. Brad knows that.


B. Do it before the dash. You might get someone to give up a front row starting spot there.
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