2023 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

Between Aston, Corvette, Mercedes, McLaren, and Lexus the V8s look to have the pace in the GT classes.

Heart of Racing just overtook Corvette for the GTD Pro lead on the banking a few laps ago.
Battery replacement on the #7, second GTP to go behind the wall.

There's a long way to go. A battery change shouldn't take too long.

I don't have a prediction, but I would like to say it would be really cool to see Helio win three consecutive Rolex. I'de be ok with Taylor winning and kicking off is partnership with Andretti in style. I'de be ok with Chip winning because he's way overdue for a big sportscar win. I'de certainly be ok with Porsche winning.

I just hope it comes down to a good battle at the end, but this race usually does.
If you are at the track, time to head toward the high
grandstands. Fireworks in the next hour or two. It just
blows your mind seeing a race , firework show, and a spinning
ferris wheel all at once.

Uh oh ,LMP2 leader has issues.......at the chicane.
Colin Braun’s career path is right up as one of the strangest; From up and comer in NASCAR; disappears for a couple years and now has been one of the best in IMSA across all different classes
Gonna get me one of them 'Vettes, just as soon as I decide which kidney to sell first.
I tried liver farming back in the '90s. When the market crashed, I couldn't sell a couple of seasons' of harvest. I was too heavily in debt and went bankrupt.

I'm doing much better with my pancreas mine, but I'm concerned with the global movement to switch to renewable sources of insulin.

Don't loose heart:
Charlie is two steps ahead and he will figure how to replace a kidney or develop alternative parts and plans to market as needed.
Are the Acuras oil-thirsty or is everyone else in GTP doing all of these scheduled oil flushes too? Are they being conservative after not having done a full endurance test?
I know yall miss these 😁 :

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