2023 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

Shaping up quite nicely, the 01 Cadillac has played this perfectly over the night, we'll see if the 60 can re-ignite the same closing speed as they had before. Right now, the Acura was running 1:36's 1:37's upping the pace, but tough to tell where they're both at in the tire cycle, can go longer on fuel advantage.

the Corvette and Mercedes AMG in GTD Pro, within 2 seconds of each other after 19 hours.
Did you see how much time Tandy gained on Pagenaud in the West Horseshoe?

Holy hell that man can be erratic at times, but he's a talent.
The field has passed the threshold of a "normal" scheduled IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship race (2 hours, 40 minutes)
Stig Jr. in the 60 for the finish. Albuquerque back on the lead lap in the 10 for the finish. I’m assuming Bamber and Renger are finishing for Ganassi now too?
As of right now we have four cars on the lead lap, but fifth is 13 laps back. Unless we have horrendous attrition, I think it's down to the top four.

P2 holding up their end in seventh through thirteenth.
I didn't know the GTP class has a hybrid power train until I started watching the race. I looked over the IMSA site for information about the GTP hybrid specs but I could not find out anything explaining what it is. I would think it would be something they would promote. I find the concept interesting but I'd like to know more.
We were there for this live high in the stands 2017.
Now Albuquerque is in the 10 that knocked him at T1.
7 minutes left in the race then.
Funny how things work sometimes.
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