2023 Rolex 24 at DAYTONA

The P2 cars steal the show at the end.

Since 2020, Helio has won the IMSA championship, three Rolex and a fourth Indianapolis 500. Most drivers would be satisfied to win that much in an entire career.

Caddy is just slightly behind, and they probably have a good case for needing a better BOP.

Damm, Porsche simply flopped. As much testing as they have done, they should have been more reliable. They weren't that fast either, so they have a lot of work to do before Sebring.

Not as much as BMW though. We hardly saw those cars, but they did well to get 6th. They need to find speed and reliability, and I don't know how much of that they can do before Sebring.

The lasting piece of knowledge gained from this race is how much one of those damm batteries costs. Penske replaced 2. That's $400,000 dollars right there and they didn't even get a good finish. I'm sure the hybrid thing will get worked out, but right now if those things fail that often it's going to be a very expensive year.
That freaking rocked


Congrats to the MSR 60 Acura team to stay up front with the dominant car for that length of time in the GTP class, about flawless execution.

Blomqvist got a lot of notoriety in this race, but I have to say I was equally impressed with Engel in the 79 Mercedes AMG, that was tough work to get past the Lexus and Corvette, great job by him on a long final stint to win the GTD Pro class.
I had a great time attending my first Rolex 24. Weather was perfect, crowd and atmosphere was electric. I'm still a newbie in the sports car/endurance racing scene, but this was a fun way to dip my toe into it. I may try to catch the event in Indy this year.

Edited to add, the Cadillac n/a V8 was so nice to listen to. You could definitely pick it out of the group.




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