2024 Chili Bowl

“It was mine, at first,” said Bowman. “I made the decision. And then my decision got reinforced by management. I’ll get back to it someday, but the decision it was definitely mine, but reinforced by smarter people than me.”
Alex Bowman Racing, which he owns, has three entries filed for the 2024 event. Jake Swanson and C.J. Leary will be in the 55A and 55V cars respectively, while there is a TBA next to the third ABR entry for the 55X. While Bowman said an announcement on that car is coming soon, he did confirm that it will definitely not be him racing that car.

I remember someone on here made a comment a few weeks ago about Rico not being on the entry list. He explains why he is missing the 2024 Chili Bowl, in this video.
KKM bringing 14 cars.

I don't know if non subscribers can watch this or not, I hope they can. One worth watching is the Bell/Larson duel in 2021

Chad Boat has a pretty good lineup. I don't think Jessie Love is going to win but he is pretty salty in a midget. Pursley is one of the better ones on his team.
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