24 Heures du Mans 2021

Now that its drying out, the Toyotas are beating everyone down, but the stream says more rain on the way.
Yes I saw some kind of toy on that tire barrier. Corner workers having fun .
Girls are in around 9th in class . Good for them surviving the start. Cant wait
for Hartley to get in the 8.
Ferrari look awfully strong in the dry still, Corvette will probably need more rain eventually.

If WeatherTech play their cards right with timing Cooper's stints and he doesn't screw up they could be a nice underdog.
Sitting with the 8 onboard.
Hartley at the wheel.
Youtube killed the live stream for "copyright infringement,| but this one has a one minute delay, so maybe it will stay up awhile........

It amazes me the none of these drivers seem to be able to turn the cars around. All seem to back-up in a straight line instead of turning the wheel and arcing the car so it gets pointed in correct direction quicker. They all seem to completely avoid backing up at all. I'm talking about using parallel parking type of maneuvers.
Watching a stream but they're only showing the LMP2 class. @FLRacingFan needs to come in clutch and give me a working link. :lol2:
There's a bunch in here. The WEC TV feed + RLM audio might be the best because the Eurosport guys on the Motor Trend feed mostly talk random gibberish.

Lol yeah that’s the one I was watching where they just kept the focus on the LMP2 cars for like 20 minutes straight and talking about Frozen for the entire time. Rofl
Alpine beached at the first Mulsanne chicane, shoot. They were still within a lap of the Toyotas. 708 Glick moves into a podium spot now though.
Its still dark, in La Sarthe.

Just riding with the 8 in the in car.
Toyotas have been bulletproof so far. It's going to take something substantial for them to lose this win over the last 10 hours.
Margin of victory after 24 hours between the #31 WRT and #28 was 0.727. Sheesh. Almost took the flag man out too.
I dont know what that flagman makes, but its not enough.

Congrats Gazoo Yodas!
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