56th Rolex 24 at Daytona

I take a little cat nap and wake up to a totally different race!

After everything else that went wrong, it's fitting the Mazda expired in a ball of flame. When was the last time we saw Joest virtually explode like they did this weekend?

OK, seeing the new landscape, I have to throw my weight behind the Flex Bow car, which is currently the top privateer. Then again, Alonso is supposed to finish the race, which will probably be in the rain. Could be good fun.
Yeah I have to pull for CORE here, that’s a privateer team with three excellent pros including two greats.

Jackie Chan DC vs United is also kinda important since United just committed to the NAEC and JCDC said it’ll depend on how they do here.
Lando Norris That guy may just be the real deal Amazing debut

I agree, he has been phenominal...

I'm hoping his speed translates into F2 and then F1 eventually. I think Mclaren got it right with Lando and I'm hoping one day Leclerc comes out to Daytona eventually as well.
Westbrook is still in the 1:44s'.

Nuclear shoe game there, wow what a quick pace. I knew Westbrook was always fast, but **** not to the point where he has damn near a second on the rest of the GTLM field.
Seriously, does Jamie Little ever interview an actual sports car driver not named Scott Pruett?
Had no idea of Ganassi’s stellar performances in this race, wow.
I made the mistake of sitting in the stands on Sunday of last year, which were cool seats at the entrance of Turn 1 coming off the infield section. Next year if I go I gotta make it to the International Horseshoe
How tf does Bleekemolen constantly reel people in like this?

I mean, its insane how hard he pushes and makes up time like that. I remembered earlier, he was about 20 seconds back at one point that is insane to be able to push like that.
Filipe did a great job managing the #5 to victory, great job by WTR this year.

They should be weary of Penske, they are going to be coming fast in their rearview though.
I made the mistake of sitting in the stands on Sunday of last year, which were cool seats at the entrance of Turn 1 coming off the infield section. Next year if I go I gotta make it to the International Horseshoe
Why do you call it a mistake? Those sound like the seats I'd like to try.
Daytona sure did a good job of fixing the inside corners in the bus stop this year. No huge chunks and car parts this year
I heard a report the fix used bolts that may (or may not) be the root cause of the epidemic spread of Right Rear Syndrome. Please give generously to the RRS Society, so research will help these afflicted drivers lead normal lives.
Wanted the Flex Bow car to win, but can't take it away from Action Express for running a great race.

In the end, I enjoyed the race so much it didn't matter to me who won as long as they did it clean, which they did.

I did feel pretty rotten that the #29 GTD Audi essentially got a death penalty when they had things well in hand. Will be pulling hard for them at Sebring.

How bizarre that the Taylor car had so much tire trouble? Pretty sure they will be glad to switch to Michelins next year.

Again, it seemed like no matter who the camera was following, there was always a prototype in the picture. Being a big fan of prototypes, I really enjoyed the big , diverse field of DPI and P2 cars.

Speaking of P2 cars, they were supposed to get their own podium, and their own Rolexes, so the Flex Bow car still gets a really nice prize. They proved that any good team can buy a car right off the shelf and if they execute well they have a shot to win. This is only going to draw in even more good privateers, so we are in the middle of a sportscar golden age.

Sportscars are back, baby!
Yeah, the #54 turned in an impressive weekend for a team running its first race in prototypes. Let's hope they can keep it up. Nothing but good can come demonstrating that factory support isn't required to be competitive, and it will keep the factory boys on their toes.
I find it funny that US based Ford wins GT Le Mans, while Foreign based Lamborghini wins GT Daytona. Little bit backwards, eh?

I would have loved to see a FCY with an hour left, or rain for the last half hour.
First-ever 24-hour race win for Lamborghini: http://sportscar365.com/imsa/iwsc/sanna-big-emotion-for-lamborghini-in-first-24h-victory/


Love to see Grasser come over these last two years. They are stalwarts in Europe.
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