60th Rolex 24 at Daytona

Who of you did this?
Always had a running joke with the wife that my fantasy would be to stay in the stands all night in a sleeping bag and watch the Daytona 24 hours from start to finish. Might do the next best thing and sleep on the couch with the race on Peacock.
Jeff Burton is there. God help me it’s too early in the year
Noooooooo! Potential Gerbal alert !I repeat - do not put him in the same booth with Jr. God forbid
if Letart joins in to. Ugh. But I digress, they are all nice guys.

I cant get over the crowd. Its huge ! Infield packed and a very big crowd in the stands.
I grew to like the stands for this race. Perfect cover for inclement weather. Great views
and great mall like concessions.

We love our Peacock app. Going to really dig it during the olympics.

Dpi 's getting scrappy on the restarts.
Are the turtles still in place at the chicane exit? We haven't seen any incidents attributed to them yet.
We love our Peacock app.
I think I'm more impressed with my WiFi's performance. While the race is streaming, I'm uploading 15 gig of photos to OneCloud. The race stream hasn't paused yet. I may toss another device in the mix just as an experiment.
I'll take all the prototypes we can get.
I don’t think they’ll be necessary next year. They were originally sold on a two-year sort of field filler arrangement with DPi and GTLM car counts trending downwards and since the start of last season they’ve had a successful GTD Pro subscription and gotten a bunch of GTP/LMDh commitments for next year. Not sure they’ll even have enough room for them.

Plus the only time they get coverage is when one of them is spinning like a top anyways.
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