60th Rolex 24 at Daytona

I'm getting really sick of NBC trying to force Peacock on everyone. It's an absolute trash streaming app and I refuse to subscribe no matter what content they add to it

Well, I'm a liar. Subscribed last night. I'll give it a chance for this month at least
Current NWS forecast. No mention of rain.

4-Hour MPC race is coming up on Peacock with some familiar names like Deegan, Harry Burton, Chase Briscoe, Austin Cindric, Robert Wickens.
The Royal Rumble and Rolex 24 will be on Peacock at the same time
Well, that was more and less trouble than I thought.

It turns out the smart features of my 2016 Samsung TV aren't compatible with Peacock. The app wasn't even available from Samsung to install.

It turns out my 2018 laptop apparently doesn't have a mirroring or streaming capability to send to my TV.

The TV's web browser would display results from Google but would not load any of the half-dozen other URLs I tried.

In that order of preference, those would have been my preferred methods. So I wound up doing what I was pretty sure would work - cut the cable ties holding the Roku stick to the set in the garage and stuck it on the main set. I would have preferred not to move hardware around but needs must when the green flag drops.

I'd swear I remember the Peacock subscription as being $5.99 / month when I check last week. Sub'ing via the Roku stick came in at $4.99. At that rate, I may just keep it.
(possible) First time in history its colder at Daytona than at my place and it's the 500 weekend.
I guess I'll be watching a bit, as always I'm thankful for the free international live stream, I wish NASCAR or IndyCar had something like that .

Are any of you guys in attendance?
Looks like Peacock is about 8 seconds behind the TV broadcast.

#18 LMP2 spins on pit road pulling out for parade laps. NOT a promising start.
Already a spin just trying to exit pit lane for formation laps…gonna be one of those days on cold tires.
Local NBC decided to air Blizzard coverage at 1:30 instead of the Rolex start. They broadcast drivel all morning, and screwed the pooch at race time.
Peacock @ 2:30 for me.... Screw WJAR .
Great battle between Albuquerque & Derani in traffic
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