Another build thread (many photos)

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by Magnethead, Dec 4, 2016.

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    The powerglide is the weakest link durability wise, it takes the hour drive to the track or half hour to Summit's warehouse/store no problem at 70-80MPH. It's got most of the same parts in it as the powerglide in the dragster, so I don't see it having an issue anytime soon.

    Nothing else has really been changed mechanically. Most of the changes so far are electrical.

    The suspension upgrades are just that - upgrades, although the new front springs are certainly set up for drag racing.

    New engine is still hydraulic roller, custom pistons to handle anything I can sling at them, forged rods and crank. Stock block will be the weak link. Ford GT fuel injectors, nothing really wild or otherwise non-production or concerning.

    The procharger will probably be the most maintenance-needy item. Probably check the valvetrain every oil change on the procharger to be safe (ever 1,000 miles or so)
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    great post. love reading about frankentruck. I remember when she was bone stock. great work
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    Hell, from the outside, it still is stock. The master kill switch in the old license plate light hole is the only evidence of significant modification. I loathed putting a tonneau on it, but it just made sense long term.
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    Fuel pump assembly will nearly be frame rail to frame rail in the back. Have the rest of the fuel system shipping out tomorrow.

    Picked up the new-to-us rear wing for the dragster from TRL's old stomping grounds.





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    California auto ref's would love this truck. Lmao
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