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Nah...I'm hyped up on caffeine.



NASCAR Thunder 2002, just because my drivers are better in that game, and my favorite Busch driver Randy LaJoie's car is unlockable in it. It also seems like the AI is tougher for some reason in 2002. I like 2003's system of having tons of unlockables and the lightning challenges.

PS2 or X-box?
PS2 ... lot cheaper more games on it.

Captain America or Superman or Batman or Daredevil ?
Robby Gordon, cuz he won last week, otherwise I wouldve gone for Parky.

Most likely to win the Daytona 500 next year: Dale Jr. or Waltrip ?
Football, people hit people harder and it's less "gangsta" and money-run.

Snoppy or Woodstock or Linus or Charlie Brown in a wrestling match ?
Denver Broncos... Better Win Record.

Better: Illegal Immigrants from Canada or Illegal Immigrants from Mexico ?
Illegal Immigrants from Canada, don't work for 5 dollars a day

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars, has Yoda and his walking stick and his crack smoking pipe and his school of liberal ideologies which rival Darth Sidious's.

Army or Navy ?
Navy cause I'd rather be fighting on the water than the ground.

Martha Stewart or Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson because he eats people

Fistfight: Michael Waltrip or Steve Park ?
Time will tell.

The Millenium Falcon of Star Wars vs the U.S.S Enterprise of Star Trek ?
Natalie Portman, cuz Carrie Fisher is a drug-addict.

Britain or France ?
Christmas, It's basically Thanksgiving except that you get presents unless you're Jewish.

Sonic or Wendys ?
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