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Rolling Stones

Better liar: Iraqi Information Minister or Hillary Clinton ?
That's a tuff one but I'll go with Iraqi Information Minister

Bill or Ted
Bill & Ted from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"


Florida or California?
Both states are filled to the top with Mexicans and Cubans (no offense compadres (whatever that word means))

IRL or CART or F1 ?
Don't really know I don't watch them only Nascar

Yankees, Braves or Cardinals?
#8, I like Dale Jr. better.

In a fistfight: Incredible Hulk or Spiderman ?
Hulk, if he can get his hands on him.

wrestling match--Rick Hendrick or Bill France
U.S would win. We'd kick the whole world's ass three times over... we killed England (revolutionary) and Germany (revolutionary, WWI, WWII) China and Korea (Cold War), Japan (WWII) Iraq (War on Terror) Afghanistan (War on Terror) Hell bring em on !

Better Mel Gibson movie to date: The Patriot or Ransom or Lethal Weapon 4?
Lethal Weapon 4, that movie is a very good one.

Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson.
Both of them are weird.

In a fistfight: Jimmie Johnson or Ryan Newman ?

Pistol Duel Round III: Kevin Harvick vs Dale Earnhardt Jr. :dual9mm:
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