College Football 2022

If this was the SEC both of these teams would go to the playoffs but it's the Big Ten so it's an elimination game.
As a wiseman once told me, a team who can’t win their division in their conference, doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs. ;)
Honestly, I could see Ohio State sneaking in at #4 if they lost and had some help. It’d be tougher for Michigan if they lose today since they didn’t have a good nonconference schedule but the Buckeyes beat Notre Dame.

A lot of it is dependent upon what TCU, USC, and LSU do. I just can’t see any way the SEC gets two unless the Tigers upset UGA next week.
Ryan Day ain’t worth **** but a decent G5 coach, bring in Fickell please.
South Carolina SEC Gamecocks for the fourth the playoff seed
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