College Football 2022

I’d like to see USC vs Utah again for the PAC-12 title in Las Vegas. UCLA and Washington & Oregon don’t move the needle for me.

Can USC sneak into the playoff? Can Utah win a tough neutral site game at Allegiant Stadium again and win a storied Rose Bowl?
I think USC is 100% in if they beat ND tonight and win the PAC12 championship
Cmon A&M beat LSU and I'll take back all the mean jokes I made this year.
That’d be sweet. LSU belongs nowhere by the playoff imo but if they win tonight and then beat the Dawgs next week the media will try to get them in. A loss tonight to Jimbo’s Junction Boys negates that discussion
Kansas - K-State is probably better than this USC/ND elitist bowl game.
Aggies are cooking, up 14 now early 4th. Hell of a one-handed TD catch by Moose Muhammad.
I apologize to South Florida fans for their suffering and I hope they win here but these uniforms might be the root of the 1 and 2 win seasons
That drive was more conservative than Reagan. Yeah, put the game in the hands of the worst ****** defense in the country.
I apologize to South Florida fans for their suffering and I hope they win here but these uniforms might be the root of the 1 and 2 win seasons
We wear “slime” jerseys against UCF in every sport and I couldn’t really tell you why. I guess the athletes love it supposedly.
Oklahoma losing to Texas Tech in OT to finish 6-6, Miami gets crushed at home by Pitt to finish 5-7 and bowl ineligible.

Tough season for some first-year head coaches.
Michael Penix is really good. PAC might have its best collection of QBs ever this season.
I just want the Florida Gators to be good again. I don’t see it with Richardson, he had a rough 2nd half. Too many times this year, he gets erratic. Think Billy had a good first year, hopefully he gets a good recruiting class and some help via the transfer portal, then maybe try for 9-10 wins. He isn’t turning this thing around overnight.

Help is on the way. We have a top 10 class at the moment, could potentially be top 5 by the time it's all wrapped up. Florida is going to be VERY active in the portal this offseason. I'm expecting a ton of roster turnover. Honestly, I hope Richardson goes to the NFL. I don't think he's going to get much better. Dude just doesn't have an accurate arm. I'm so tired of seeing him throw behind guys on crossing routes, it's like he has no idea how to lead a receiver unless it's a vertical throw. Also, I think Napier's offense is very limited at the moment because we were absolutely decimated at receiver and Richardson is only comfortable running a portion of the playbook. If Sam Hartman doesn't go pro, I think he ends up at Florida.
Omg ESPN is going all out on Bama to the playoffs if any upsets happen in championship week. It's just beyond sickening.
If TCU loses and gets passed by an Alabama that isn't even playing this whole system is a complete sham.
Unless Alabama is ahead of Ohio State on Tuesday I can’t see them getting in, and I don’t think the committee is bad enough to do that. ESPN is just trying to generate hype for their ranking and selection shows.
UW beats Wazzu to complete the four-team parlay Utah needed to make the CG.

Finally Utah has a shot to prove themselves against USC again in Las Vegas. Winning the PAC-12 and getting to the Rose Bowl and winning a Rose Bowl is a program goal and a big deal for the Utes. Hopefully the PAC-10 still has a shot at a Rose Bowl when the 2 leave.

Boise St/Fresno St should be a good rivalry championship game in Boise. Coastal Carolina is probably my favorite in the Sun Belt.
Auburn couldn’t get the active Ole Miss coach they wanted most so they’re settling for the former Ole Miss coach who resigned in disgrace after multiple scandals.

Some people question Bama being over Tennessee, and I understand that. But honestly, Bama’s two loses are by a combined 4 points, where Tennessee’s is like combined 39 points. Neither team deserves to be in the playoffs however and would be a mockery if they made it


From what I am reading, this doesn't seem to be a case of a college kid sharing nudes of his high school sweetheart or whatever. Apparently it's some messed up stuff.

I don't get it. You're in college, you play on the football team, your dad was an NFL QB, hell, you're a quarterback at the University of Florida for chrissakes. There are thousands of women on campus and a good chunk of them would drop their panties for you in a heartbeat based off of your status alone. Why the **** are you into kiddie porn, and why are you sharing it in a public chat room? How sick and stupid do you have to be?

I guess I'll wait until the details drop before I say much more, but at the very least his football career is over, it's likely he will be expelled from the university, and certainly spending some serious time in prison. Good riddance, piece of ****.
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