compareing the 3 legends again with more info

Hey smack....if you don't think the gordo is a legend, why is the title of this thread "compareing the 3 legends again with more info"?

Has this whole thing been a trick to elevate DW to legend status?
71fan...I was kind of curious about that "3 legends" thing myself. I am as big a Jeff Gordon fan as there is, but I don't think of him as close to being a "legend"
omg I was just looking up the stuff for my personally entertainment but then I thought everyone else would like to see it so I posted it I just wanted to compare them I didnt mean to make him out to be a legend and I also did it Because hes the driver that has the best oportunity to break the record
darrel waltrip seems to have a bit better record then richard he doesnt seem to have that many fans though not many sites on him..
71Fan, ya dem Marcis fan, DW is a LEGEND!!!If ya don't think so I can try to arrange for ya to have a conversation with him and he can straighten ya out his own self!!:D

Smack, no one is not entertained, and I'm not upset. History of NAsCAR is like any other history. It's a little more than jsut looking up numbers, you really have to dig into them to get the story.

Btw, as far the Nascar on Line site goes. It has some decent stats on modern times but is an embarassment to the sport concerning all NASCAR history. IMO
Originally posted by smack500
omg I was just looking up the stuff for my personally entertainment but then I thought everyone else would like to see it so I posted it I just wanted to compare them I didnt mean to make him out to be a legend and I also did it Because hes the driver that has the best oportunity to break the record

just dont title it comparing three legends and most of this thread probably wouldnt even exist:p
I wish they had 1 day out of the year where a fan could spend the whole day with his driver, I mean every driver have one day out of the year where a fan could spend the day with them. THat way we could see what there really like all we see right now is there camara life alot of the drivers could pedophilers for all we know ...
I know he's a legend, you know he's a legend, even DW knows he's a legend. My fave DW story was about the time he was on a gurney that wasn't tied down in the back of an ambulance.

It was on one of the old shorties that didn't have a tunnel and as the ambulance made it's way up the banking to exit the track, ol DW came rolling out the back right in front of the pace car. God I would have loved to have seen that.

And smack? Sharing with others is one of the neat things about being a fan. You know why I came to this board? Cause of the Scrabbledude. I heard he was here. He's a legend even if Jeff isn't. I've heard rumors that message board owners actually pay him to post on their boards. So pay attention eh? I've been a race fan for over 40 years and that old dude makes me look like a nascar know-nothing.

And I don't care if you want to think of Jeff as a legend. Lots of people do. But then again, lots of people can only smile at such a sally.
I have only been really watching nascar I mean every race since 3 years ago(I did watch a couple races before that), I think Im doing pretty good :D lol
yea ya are smack500. Yer doing fine. But like most folks who have come to enjoy auto racing in the last few years you've been buying in to the hype.

Jeff Gordon is one of the best stock car drivers that's ever been. No doubt about that at all. Ive got a 24 sticker up on the wall of my den. But so are hundreds of folks that you (and I) have never even heard of. Jeff found himself in the premier ride in nascar almost from the gate. Teamed with Ray and with the DuPont fortune behind him, this kid who didn't know any better tore the place up.

I heard it put this way.....
good driver bad car poor stats.
good driver average car average stats.
good driver good car good stats.
good driver great car great stats.

So you've got to figure there is no such thing as a bad driver at the Winston Cup level. They are all good drivers. So what's the real difference in today's nascar between a guy like Jeff and say Johnny Benson or Joe Nemechek?.....The car.

And it's been that way for years. Petty makes no bones about his records. He freely admits he was an average driver in a great car. He freely admits he had the best stuff out there.

You posted the other day that winner's list. Those 50 or so guys at the bottom with only one win? Those are the great drivers of nascar. Those are the guys who brought 2nd rate stuff to the track and beat the big boys. Those are the legends of nascar.

Today we have Jimmie and Kurt and Matt and Elliot and Ryan. Kids that have some of the best cars on the track. And look what they are doing with them. These are nascar's new stars. But not one of them has the advantage that Jeff had. Not even Jeff has the overwhelming advantage he used to.

And so again, I'm not knocking Jeff. He's good. He's even great. And he may indeed one day become a legend. But four championships in the best car on the track compared to one win by somebody that nobody remembers? I mean who in the heck is Shorty Rollins? Whoever he is, he musta been a heck of a driver.
Shorty Rollins probably was a heck of a driver. Never saw him to my recollection. Here's the info I was able to dig up quickly.

Born in 1929 as Lloyd Rollins he made his NASCAR debut in 1958. That year he entered in 29 races of a 51 race schedule. He captured his sole career win at State Line Speedway in Boski, NY. Not only was Shorty's only win at that track, he is the only NASCAR winner there. The 1958 event was the only visit the circuit was to make. Shorty finished a distant 4th to Lee Petty in the championship chase that year, but was considered an early contender for the title. He was ROTY for 1958, he has the distinction of being the first driver to ever win that honor.

He ran the NASCAR circuit in 1959 and 1960, but his schedule was limited. He started only 10 races races in 1959 finishing 27th in points. 1960 he only managed 4 starts.
I love this kind of stuff being a fan as a kid all the way up until today.I remember they even had comic books about racers back then.Mostly open wheel guys,but some stock car drivers as well.This had to be back in the sixties sometime...can't remember excactly when.

Ok,this was WAY off topic....these debates just brought back memories of some of the old guys.I was a big fan of Fred Lorenzen as a kid.The Golden Boy,a california guy,I think.Anyuway he seemed larger than life and a little 'different'compared to some of the other old timers.

Again,sorry getting off topic.And Smack:even though you veered off course with the numbers a little,this was still a great post!
Originally posted by 4xchampncountin
I can't believe people would even argue this point to this extent. Richard won more than twice as many races as anybody else. How is that debatable?

Sorry,but David Pearson won 105 races,which is slightly over half of 200,if My matth serves Me right.:D
Originally posted by smack500
jeff after the 2001 season had started in like 292 races and won 58

dale had competed in like 638 races and won 75

btw,Dale had 76 wins.
Some of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport barely even show up on the win column. For one reason or another, history didn't shine on them like the few lucky ones.

Wendell Scott had just 1 win in NASCAR's top division. Yet he drove a car as good as anybody who ever competed. His story is the stuff of legends.

Tim Richmond probably had more god given racing talent then anybody who ever lived. He only had 13 wins in NASCAR though. If he had only lived.......... well, let's just say that 2 of the legends you're talking about in this thread would have been affected in a big way.

Stats just don't tell the whole story sometimes.
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