Countdown of Days Until the Daytona 500

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Bill Schmitt Nova

David Hobbs 1973 Indianapolis 500

Gary Balough in the dirt modified car that looks like an AMC Gremlin

Johnny Beauchamp and Lee Petty over the wall during one of the 1961 Daytona 500 qualifying races.
Beauchamp almost won the first Daytona 500 in 1959 he finished second to Lee Petty. He walked away from the 1961 crash with bruises but he never ran another Nascar race (I dont know if there was a reason or of just coincidental information).

Petty was more seriously injured, punctured lung, broke bones, hospitalized for four months. He ran a few local events afterwards until 1964 but the crash essentially ended his career.

73 8.8.76 – Wisconsin man wins ARTGO Twin-Bill.jpg
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73 David Hobbs Indy 500 1973-CAR-73.jpg
73 Gary Balough looks like a Gremlin.jpg
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These are a little late

71 Greg Portor chevelle  0133.jpg
71 Morgan Shepherd 24400.jpg

Nova: Young Morgan Shepard
Chevelle: Greg Portor. The two photos are recent images of a car he won the GPS Hobby class championship with in the late 70s.
71 Donnie Bishop Nova 70.jpg
71 Donnie Bishop Eddie Portor Camsro f1.jpg
71 Donnie Bishop 2018-06-26-19-23-24.png
71 Donnie Bishop 1981 Eddie Portor Camaro 26.jpg
71 Bishop Nova Jackstands 1976 .jpg
71 Bishop non fluid camaro.jpg
71 20190427_044337.jpg
71 237.jpg

Greenville Pickens was my home track growing up.
My first local short track hero was Butch Lindley in 1971, and he won the track championship in 1972 and then moved on to other tracks to pursue and win the LMS National Championship twice.

Donnie Bishop became my favorite at GPS in the mid 70s . I have been to and watched more races than I can count. I had more fun watching him race than anyone else I ever saw or rooted for ..

The driver sitting in the car in one of the photos is Butch Lindley in a Nova that Donnie normally drove.

The #11 64 or 65 Chevelle included in the news clipping is Jack Ingram.

The #22 is Buddy Howard he was a four time track champion. Most of them in a Mustang, and one of them in the Trans Am.


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