Countdown of Days Until the Daytona 500

^^ Bay Darnell was Eric Darnell‘s (remember him?) grandfather.

The old boy and his son built successful late-model chassis ... a friend of mine won a bunch of races with their stuff.
66 wallace-vi.jpg
66 Rusty Wallace childs Albert Camaro 246.jpg
66 Mark Donahue vintage_indy_registry.jpg
66 Mark Donahue 037c7.jpg
66 can-am-motor-sport.jpg
66 1973-CAR-66.jpg

66 Rusty Wallace Camaro pictures
66 Mark Donahue Indy car pictures.
Not sure if the Donahue was driving the ugly CAN-AM thing or not.


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66 Rusty Wallace Big hair .jpg
999 1981 Dillion offest chasis 332.jpg

I like this Big Hair Rusty Wallace pictures for a lot of reasons. The big hair is funny but it really wasn't unusal in the the early 80s.

I think a lot of ASA drivers were running a Dillion offset chassis by 1981 or 82. I don't know if Dillion was the first one building and selling them but it was the first one that I can remember or knew anything about.
Rusty came down to Greenville Pickens and ran a 200 lapper with a Dillion chassis during that time. The photo wasn't taken at GPS but I think it is the same car.

He dominated the race against a field that included Butch Lindley. That kind of stuff just didnt happen to Butch and especially at his home track. Rusty was on rails compaired to the feild even on older tires.
Butch pitted during several cautions for new tires but it was hopeless and I don't remember Rusty ever needing to change for new tires during that race.

Rusty and Butch were both great short track drivers but I think it was all about the Dillion car for that race. I loved looking at the pictures of that offset chassis during those days as well. The Dillion chassis looked like a left handed car to me and got me to thinking about how the builders and racers wanted to manage the weight through the corners.
The super modifieds photos started makeing a lot more sense to me as well.
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