Cup RACE thread --- 500 at Daytona

Bubba! Win me money

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This place is a lot less negative than places like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

I don’t watch as much NASCAR as I used to but the fanbase has gotten overwhelmingly negative.
Oh this place for sure has its moments, trust me.
Is Wendy’s doing any deals if Gragson finishes in the top 10 or whatever?
When I see the pixilated dash boards I think of when Ric Flair left WCW for WWE in the early 90’s and brought the WCW belt with. Every time he’d show that belt on WWE TV, it was blurred because they didn’t recognize the “Real World’s Champion” you wrestling fans out there will like this post
Coverage was an issue, but this has been a very good race imo

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Bowan should just start getting out and doing his own pit stops. :rolleyes:
The young Burton running in the top 10, he had a good 500 last year until he flipped over.
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