Cup RACE thread --- Atlanta

McBitchin’s got a good car. It’s a shame Love’s isn’t on the hood this weekend of the Front Row #34.
If he had any racecraft he would be elite, but he can't make a clean pass to save his life. Ross uses the driving style I used in Nascar Thunder 2004 when I was a kid.

Ross is a top tier talent and I like his aggression, he just needs to harness it better and not run into people at the worst times.
Driving four wide is begging for a wreck but stay with it because you don't want to be following the other three when they crash....
What Harvick is trying to say: “When these cars gain grip, maximum carnage ensues”
It’s like year 3 of this. When does it become clear he doesn’t give a $hit about harnessing it and it’s who he is?

He needs to find the right balance. He totally lost his edge last year when Hendrick called him out. He’s trying to get it back, it seems, but pushing someone in a corner is not a good way to do that.
There'd Larson getting wrecked with a fast car.

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Chastain doing the lords work

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Enjoy the cheap thrill of your favorite driver plowing through guys, might help you deal with the fact that he'll never reach his potential since his racecraft isn't Cup level. I feel for you, I grew up a Jimmie fan and got to enjoy watching my driver make clean passes every race.
DayAtlDega is heating the juices deep within my loins. Just craziness everywhere on the track
This is good plate racing but it makes Talladega that much worse anymore.
Good grief. I think the product here could eventually be good, but right now they're just too bunched up for this size race track
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