Cup RACE thread --- Atlanta

Stenhouse lurking. He knows how to win one of these
I think its safe to say this isnt the drivers favorite track any more
since the days of single file for 3 1/2 hours on the cobblestones.

On the other hand , the fans love the show.
Still cant believe this is Atlanta ! 3 and 4 wide ! 50 something lead changes!
How can Clint argue against lifting in a corner at a configuration he's never run, with a car he's also never run, with a guy that has done both of those things
Good for Suarez.

Well, I guess we are getting the superspeedway package here for 10 more years.

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My TV freezed out here bruh
That's crazy. Blaney was the first to the stripe, but Suarez beat him to the actual marker.

Blaney was ahead inches before the line

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