Cup RACE thread --- Chicago Street Course

I must be the only one who doesn't care about Chicago in the background, but I didn't care about racing inside a football stadium either.
Well they’ve raced in the dark at Martinsville…I don’t know anymore
I wonder if those boats in the lake can see any of the action??
Honest statement: People from here don’t really eat deep dish. It’s a tourist thing.

I tried a deep dish pizza when I was in Chicago last year- and was disappointed.

Everyone else in the pizza joint was ordering jumbo slices of regular-looking pizza. And they seemed to be enjoying it.

I think next time I visit, I'm going to return to the same pizza place but order the regular-looking jumbo slices that everyone else was ordering.
That sucks for those front runners. It’s about to get crazy. I just ain’t sure those guys will be able to pass those 9 cars cleanly.
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