Cup RACE thread --- Daytona

Give me Chase, I really need this lol. Been in a bad funk these last two weeks. I need something to cheer me up lol


I wish you luck in your funk

Just hope it’s not a chase win that helps you out of it

Tho I have a feeling it will be him or Byron

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I disagree on the cheapening. I think it’s what makes the 500 great personally. People who might not win elsewhere getting a huge win.

It's great when it happens once or twice, but not when it happens year after year. Even in the crapshoots of the early-2000s, you had Gordon and Earnhardt Jr winning these races.
I gotta here this, what do you mean?

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I don't recall steering wheels jerking around like that and breaking thumbs in the previous car.

This car is also more dangerous because it's stiffer and doesn't absorb as much energy as the previous car did (drivers absorb more energy in this car).
Holy moly. Very neat to see the 24 win the 500 again. I’m just sad it’s in that ugly scheme
The 9 had a few chances to ditch Bowman and waited until it backfired.
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