Cup RACE thread --- Fontana

Eddie D’Hondt: “we fight our ass off all day to get in position then he pulls that ****”
Oooh I thought Chase was gonna Harvick him there
Larson ruined his relationship with C-Bell with a similar move in a sprint car. Will be interesting to see if he and Chase will still be teammates for any dirt races again.
For the sake of peace, maybe we get a yellow and JoLo pulls it out.

Really curious about if the spotter called outside or not.

I'm gonna back out of this thread and avoid the flame war.

See you guys next week.

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Chase: “someone watch a reply and make sure I saw what I saw before I say something I shouldn’t.”

alan: “no, you saw what you saw. He killed us.”
By the time spotter said 'outside', Larson was already into Chase, Larson had no idea Chase was there,

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Then the 5’s spotter needs a new pair of glasses and some caffeine to wake the F up.
Chase spins maybe that's the Larson karma caution
He had to have. No other reason for Larson to take a hard right at corner entry lol.
The mirror? I mean, didn't Mark Martin say things happen too quick to react to? If he didn't call outside, it would just be a poorly executed block.. but who knows.

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