Cup RACE thread --- Fontana

Old school wrestling fans will get this...but Chase right now after having an unfortunate spin..... “Kyle Screwed Kyle”
“What the f*** is he doing man??? That wasn’t even close! What the f*** man!!!”
Alan: “next time hold the wheel to the left and send him.”

9 radio is VERY animated
I vote for that Nip it in the bud.
Everybody first noticed it when he sent whats his face at the clash. Ive been saying this the entire time
I still hold a grudge from when he put Chase in the wall at the end of the All Star Open and shrugged it off saying “he’ll get the fan vote anyway.”
It'll be drama for a few days. They'll talk about it. And they'll move on. Let's play nice lol

This is the norm for team Penske. Even JJ and Gordon had their deal, and it meant nothing.

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Hemric was six laps down and is P15, that’s actually nuts. Even Kyle Busch got back on the lead lap.
Yea watching that replay...Larson just doored him. Was it the case of being a dick or mistimed block? Rick and Jeff might have to sit down with the involved parties to figure that one out
What a damn balls of steel move by Logano, didn’t make it though
Dillon won’t be shy sending it into there if he’s got a chance. Checkers or wreckers for him
Larson may have made a duck move but man can he wheel a car
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