Cup RACE thread --- Indy road course

Still don't believe it.

And we were just saying Ford is out to lunch.

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Love the fight. Fun fact....I am a HUGE Robert and Doug Yates fan. I hate the overused term "racers," but Robert was and Doug is. Should be interesting to see if Ford can get somebody on a roll to the Round of 4.
He had a spin pretty early on too, didn't he?

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He nearly got speared by Kamui when he overshot turn 1 very early, didn’t spin besides yesterday at the end of qualifying though. He had top 15 pace on average despite starting at the very back and having to pick his way through the field, I would’ve liked to see what he could do from P11. Probably would’ve gotten pretty racy with Truex, Bell, Larson, Shane - those guys who couldn’t seem to get away from each other.
What an incredible performance by McDowell. Awesome to see he can finally showcase his talent. I'd rate this win much higher than his Daytona 500 win.

I noticed how Rocky was able to run with the leaders after he got lapped and passed some guys along the way. Makes me hopeful he's got something figured out that he can use at the Glen.
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