Cup RACE thread --- Talladega

Alright guys.

Went out and got some new shoes for work, spent some time cleaning the house. Gave the wife the living room, I took the bedroom with wide open windows on this beautiful 60 degree New England day.

Ready with a cold beer to relax AND stress over my least favorite race of the year :)

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I wish Byron ran that Axalta scheme every race, my favorite one since JG raced for them.
I was wondering who was driving the mud brown car that you can't read the numbers on Stenhouse
Damn, Kyle worked his way up towards the front early on.
Prawblems and playoff implications for The Imitator!
Yikes took it 4 wide got clipped in the rr, still running hopefully
8 Crossed up the 47 and they had to get off throttle and the 1 had to dive or run over them
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