Cup RACE thread --- Watkins Glen

He doesn't know what WE are going to get..What did he do just wake up? They are going to be all over the place... and Elliott is going to be gone
Cheers, everyone :cheers:

Not sure how I feel about Byron having to start in the back in these conditions. I'd probably just hang out several seconds behind the pack for the start. It's a long race, no point in getting taken out on the first turn.
You’d prefer to gamble on a calamitous start.

I don’t. Integrity is not part of this equation. Just my opinion, of course.
I'm not saying it's the wrong call but randomly changing rules is a bad thing period

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Come on,,, get racing. I can't stand the chatter!
I think they’ll tiptoe and make it through, and warm up to it. I don’t think anyone wants to be that guy right off the bat.
I wasnt necessarily meaning someone was going to be "that guy", first turn in the rain with this new car, its new ball game for them .

No doubt you are right , they will be tip-toeing for a few laps.
Larson does NOT sound confident.

Predicting a disasterous race of self destruction today by the 5 team.

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The simple thing to build a progressive vortex is to drop the green with a 50 mph max speed limit.
Then 55 next lap, 60 the next until achieving max speed.
Is changing the wiper on the 77 an unapproved adjustment?

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