Dale Sr talks about the "aero package"

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Spotter22, Dec 18, 2018.

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    If I may....I agree with both you and Chex. Chex’s posts reek of not being to fond of Earnhardt himself but also no one in 01 had any idea of the safety technology that could be used to their benefit. Well maybe they had an idea but didn’t pay it much thought. My example would be the HANS device, look at how many drivers wore it in the 01 Daytona 500 and then the next week at Rockingham. I think both of you are right in a way. My personal opinion is that I think is that Eanrhardt is the coolest, largest than life figure to ever drive a stock car, the black with slanted 3 just worked. He also seemed to just watching interviews of him on YouTube and reading that he had a ton of common sense. I don’t care what kind of person he was off the track in terms of husband or father, I’m not one to judge a guy on the job he did at those two tasks. I don’t care, I never admired a athlete/driver for what he did off the track/arena or in his personal life.
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    I never labled him as a “dumb redneck” which implies a negative connotation towards self-proclaimed rednecks. Dale was extremely ignorant, as shown, and for that I believe him to be stupid. That doesnt take anything away from his incredible talent behind the wheel. YMMV.

    Never trashed his on track talents. Just his voluntary inability to see the forest through the trees when it came to safety.
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    I think many fans like myself, who watched these drivers and teams as a child, not only were looking for a favorite driver to root for but also another role model. Good chance why many learned all they could, even outside track activities, when it came to cheering on a number.

    Nowadays that I am older, I only care about racing talent and antics. What they do in their personal lives is beyond me, currently.
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    You're a Jeff Gordon fan and you dont know of his dealings with Earnhardt on a business level, and no Teresa was not the master mind of all of his transactions.
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    Welcome to modern day sports my man.

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    I STILL fail to see why you think Earnhardt's views were that much different than all but a handful of the other drivers. Earnhardt's comments are more public, because as the face of the sport and the most popular guy, the media ALWAYS went to him for comment, but as I said, only a small number of drivers were any more proactive than he was, and many were slow to change even AFTER he died. As I said before, just about EVERYONE was sitting on their hands waiting for someone else to work the bugs out of all of this safety gear instead of being proactive. In the end, it took absolute mandates from NASCAR to get everyone on board.
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    Role models in sport are a slippery slope. Parents should discourage this strongly as they are the only role models a kid should have--good, bad, or indifferent.

    Now that I am older, I am looking for: 1) Someone who can wheel the hell out of one of MY TRD powered Toyotas, and 2) Someone who is real--good or bad, but NEVER indifferent. I've got that.
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    Nascar was never proactive on safety. It took Dale Sr. dying to wake the sport. The face of the sport was killed and that got the public's attention. That made casual fans and mainstream media look at the sport.
    If Nascar was truly proactive about safety. Why when Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin Jr. and Tony Roper all died from nasal skull fractures that nothing was done.
    Also was not Indy car drivers wearing hans devices in the mid nineties. Also Indy car was the first to have pit crews wear helmets in the nineties. Nascar didnt mandate helmets till years later after Ward Burton hit the guys at Homestead. A person would think that after the Mike Rich death at Alanta in 1990 that Nascar would have made helmets mandatory. Heck I think it was in the Nascar rule book till the nineties that wearing gloves and fire proof shoes was only a suggestion. I will give Nascar a pass on not mandating gloves and shoes because the lawyers probably told them not to for litigation reasons. I have been in enough safety meetings and to me it seems that companies are more worried about the workers family being able to sue than true safety.
    Indy car always seemed to be ahead on safety. Tony George was the originator and founder of the safer barrier.
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    ol' M&M Kyle has taught many youngsters that is ok to act like a spoiled kid in their thirties, and some new words mommy says not to say anymore. :D
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    In all seriousness, please list everything that will (and another list for "should") be part of NASCAR safety (track, car, driver PPE, pit crew PPE, Rules Changes etc) in 2029 that is not mandatory today. We'll put that in a time vault.

    Safety and acceptance is an evolving process -- I would rather look forward, while respecting but not dwelling on the past.

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    So "nothing " was done after Adam Petty and Irwin got killed eh? Nothing was done when Rich got killed eh? You better do some research.
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    So enlighten us . Don't keep it a secret. Instead of just making a statement. Provide some facts.
    So besides putting plates on a New Hampshire what else did Nascar do?
    Remind us all again when the Hans device was mandated?
    Also who was it again that started the safer barrier research and funding?
    Which track had it first? I believe that would be Indy and Tony George.
    But that's right Nascar is proactive on safety.
    Heck when Geoff Bodine was the first driver to where a full face helmet in 1986 the other drivers made fun of him.
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    The eyes were on indycar long before they were on Nascar. I don't think either have anything to gloat about
    The 1930s were particularly hazardous
    Twenty-three people died at the track during that decade.


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