Daytona 2024 Pre-Race Thread

What a depressing way to start the season. Absolutely gorgeous 2 weeks minus the 2 most important days. A swift kick in the shorts.

Idk about others but I struggled to get excited about this race all week knowing this was inevitably going to be the result.

Such is life…
It is a bummer but I prefer making the decision given the circumstances. A long delay with the potential of putting a hot Mic and time to kill in Michael Waltrip's hands could lead to a national tragedy (Sh)it just ain't worth it.
Man I had hot dogs for lunch ready, steaks for tonight. This really let the wind out of my sails for today. However props to NASCAR for doing this early today, saves the fans the time to drive into the track and also those traveling home tomorrow to maybe make the necessary arrangements to change flights to Tuesday and extend their hotel rooms.
The Daytona 500 sold out in November so they probably don’t want to chance having people without seats or fights over seats or whatever
Bob tweeted out they could stay. I would have assumed folks for the Xfinity race couldn’t stay due to what you’re saying here
I’m sorry for all the people that that were primed to see racing today. My plan was to record the race & watch it later which I hope I still can!
I don’t know about y’all but I’m hoping for a first time winner that isn’t underwhelming. Somebody destined for the Hall of Fame like Busch, Keselowski, Truex, Larson, Elliott, Blaney or anyone else that’s a proven winner but hasn’t won the 500 yet. McDowell, Cindric and Stenhouse just don’t do it for me.
Bubba Wallace, Brad Keselowski, Denny Hamlin, Michael McDowell, Joey Logano deserve the most respect in the garage & on the track right now at restrictor plate racetracks.

It’s a shame Travis Pastrana and/or maybe even Brian Deegan isn’t entering the 500 or a NASCAR dirt race.
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