Dirt Late Models 2022

The race at Husets was fun to watch.

How many of you saw the Southern Nationals race last night? Some fireworks in this one. This was the worst.

Heard about that, that is bad...on the other hand why is the track built like that? That seems really unsafe like I get some places don't have walls but that is a big drop
I know. I just moved to Omaha last year, so it's like suddenly having a great hometown track and then finding out it's a goner.

I'm hoping that Eagle or maybe even Beatrice can help fill the void, but for the most part they seem happy being strictly local tracks.

WoO wants to be Midwestern of Outlaws instead I guess, honestly this is a growing trend though really. Some very puzzling car counts in some areas when they go local. I hope Eagle gets something going.
Heard about that, that is bad...on the other hand why is the track built like that? That seems really unsafe like I get some places don't have walls but that is a big drop
The place used to be a 5/8-mile track. It was too big. When the most recent owners bought it, they built a smaller track inside the big one. It was about a 1/3-mile, almost a big circle. When the current owners bought it, they made it into what it is today. The track races much better now, but going off the side is a dangerous predicament.
53 late models entered for tonight at I-80 as of now. That's a good strong turnout, but also very fitting if you know the significance of that number around here.
Now it's up to 60 cars entered for Night 1. Pretty sure that's considerably higher than last year.
That stock car race on the undercard was incredible. These IMCA stocks race more like modifieds than the stocks I'm used to. Good stuff. I-80 is something special.
Madden dominates. Davenport got close once or twice, but Madden was clearly a step ahead overall. Great racing behind them. Pierce went 20th to third. Marlar was fourth, Sheppard fifth.
Can somebody explain to me what was gained by the Flo/Mav merge? I've seen zero difference in reliability of the stream. Lately says starts at 7:30 and some times it does but mostly at 8PM. Or like right now...color test pattern.
I know some of the drivers aren't thrilled with the format, but these inverted heats are going to be money.

I don't like him, but Pierce is a show. My view:

After further review...Madden definitely owns that one. Gonna have to build another Rockquist.

Did Madden tell them NOT to take the hood off nd pick it up from both ends? What's he hiding?
This track needs to be saved. One of the best in the country, pure and simple.
Apparently Maddens crews worked under the rear of the car with it covered, removing a broken rear-end housing. Made it roll and stuffed it in the trailer and went home. Can't be letting anyone steal his secrets.

Looked like he forgot the RF sticks out 2 foot past the body. Ran that guy over on the start.
Under rain delay at I-80 and it's starting to come down harder. Gonna be a while, at least.
Lucas Oil Releases Bulletin: We are waiting on delivery of truck load of Hoosier Paddle tires. May only be used on rear of car. Have 14" of stagger built in so doesn't matter if front end sticks.
I'm glad they didn't force it and run in poor conditions or at 2:00 AM.

Some good on-scene footage here of the Madden incident. He sure did run over that guy, and he sure was concerned about keeping the rear of the car out of view after.

Long nearly 50 lap clean and green run to start the race. Wow. McCreadie dominant in the lead, but a lot of back and forth movement behind him. Would be cool if Marlar has something for T-Mac now that there will be a restart. Davenport lurking. Pierce was flying early but may have already burned up his stuff. Track is quite good, better than last night could have been.
JD steals it from T-Mac with five to go. He found that diamond line off of turn 2, and was just better when it mattered most. A heartbreaker for McCreadie after leading from the start. Great battle between Moran and Marlar down the stretch.

Gonna miss this place. Glad the event is going to continue, but if it's at Huset's, that's going to be cool but a lot different racing.
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