Dirt Late Models 2023

An excellent race at All-Tech on Saturday night. Who says 1/2-mile tracks can't have good racing?
An excellent race at All-Tech on Saturday night. Who says 1/2-mile tracks can't have good racing?
Man that one was nutz. Be 10 cars running 6 lines all under a blanket. I thought it was kinda funny how the announcers mentioned that Rocket took first 3 or 4 positions. Were there ANY Longhorns racing? LOL!

Longhorn has got it going on. I used to live less than 20 miles from Rocket shop. Spent every Friday night helping Tim Hitt in the early house car. Was around 30 years ago. Wow! I'm getting old.
Will the weather cooperate any time soon for either of the national series to race again?
Should be running in New Mexico more in the spring.. maybe AZ & LV too.
Kyle Busch isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. The two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion will face a new challenge on Thursday, April 6 when he competes in the Kyle Larson Presents, FloRacing Late Model Challenge at Volunteer Speedway.

Busch will participate in the $20,000-to-win dirt late model race in Bulls Gap, Tennessee prior to making his way to Bristol Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Food City Dirt Race.
Haven't used Flo since late Feb or early March. Only thing I watch on it is Lucas Dirt. But nothing we can do about the weather. They probably start these series a little too early in the year.
That brings up an interesting point. A friend of mine was on a Facebook page for either the World of Outlaws late models or Dirtvision and people on there were mad because they were getting no races and had paid out money. While I agree nothing can be done about the weather, they could have at least ran one race over the last month but chose not to in order to save teams money from traveling for one race. The national series have to keep in mind the paying fan that subscribes to these streaming services as well as the race teams. There needs to be a balancing act. I can't imagine paying for something to see 6 races over a month and getting ZERO instead.
Another WoO weekend cancelled.

Hopefully some of those guys will pull to Wheatland for the 2 day 10k-to-win show this weekend. Could end up with a stacked field. It would be nice if Saturday's forecast would warm up a bit though.
It's hard to get them to pull for a one-night $10k show, let alone two nights at that purse. Those things went the way of the dinosaurs.
I stand corrected. $5k for tonight and $10k tomorrow night. Looks like some big names from the region are going there.
Anyone watching Buckshot on Flo? Audio is all jacked up. I know some of you think Flo is great but been my experience it sucks dog balls.
I just assumed you were still using a dial-up internet connection.
Hunt The Front boys put it on them tonight. Intended to run their 2023 Longhorn with fresh Jay Dickens engine but came up short on parts. Stuffed the Randy Clarey 465 cu in SB2 in the 2022 Longhorn at last minute. Smoked them with their back-up. Jesse even won the 604 feature. His first win in 604. Had several 2nds.
Just a reminder Lucas Oil is doing a playoff. I’m 50/50 on it.
HTF won both nights they raced. Was only maybe half-dozen truly fast cars at either race. But fast time, win heat, lead every lap of feature pretty much makes a statement.

And they Do have a Clements wide-bore in the pot. Supposed to be fully cooked by Eldora.
There will be 3 Cup regulars racing in the Kyle Larson Challenge at Volunteer Speedway tomorrow night. Of course Larson, but also Kyle Busch and Chase Briscoe. Just need the weather to cooperate.
Looks like Busch and Briscoe got freebies.

Starting 23 and 24.
Pretty decent stuff with late models lately. Curious what the whole tech process is like sometimes.
HTF Series at All-Tech tonight is basically a Lucas race. Only hot shoe that hasn't shown up is Superman & 44? What the heck is his name?
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