Disturbing article Driscoll regrets coming forward

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by DanicaFreak, May 8, 2017.

  1. Turtle84

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    I believe her. I think it's not far fetched at all. Unfortunately, very difficult to prove.
  2. IanMcVittie

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    With Nascar losing close to 800k per race this year it may behoove them to start forcing people to watch. Nascar should be grateful for each viewer that has not left yet.
  3. IanMcVittie

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    Nascar is completely over saturated and many others think the same. There are some retireees that don’t have much going on in the real world and consider watching NASCAR a hobby. There will never be enough NASCAR content for them.
  4. rd45usa

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    My sentiments exactly!
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  5. StandOnIt

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    I wouldn't want her within a mile of funds..and BTW her charity has folded
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  6. mack

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    My guess is her only regret is this didn't play out and unfold as she had planned. If she could convince enough people to believe her, maybe, just maybe a substantial settlement may come her way. Where's Avenatti when you need him? Her and him need each other. Both of their 15 minutes are winding down badly.
  7. Ford 222

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    After his run ins with Jimmy Spencer, all his rageaholic you tube videos and recordings, and his abuse of reporters when things did not go his way, I believe you’d have to be in some serious denial to think that night in the mobile home didn’t happen. Now I’m sure she is capable of exaggeration too. Truth is somewhere in the middle but I’m inclined to believe he got physical with her. Tax cheat/thief or not, he shouldn’t be getting physical with her, especially with her boy in the next room.

    And then it’s ****** enough when parents use kids to hurt each other, then he does it with her child to hurt her as well. He shoulda stayed as far away from that topic as he could.
  8. Formerjackman

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    Kurt's past behavior does not help him in this case, but echoing what alanbaba said, after EVERYBODY looked at it, The police, NASCAR, Gene Haas, the sponsors, etc., NOBODY thought there was enough evidence to either file charges, continue suspending him or cut ties with him. Yes, Kurt is a star, but not so big of one that people with something to lose would totally overlook criminal behavior on his part to protect him on this. With Kurt's history, the EASIEST thing in the world would have been to try to hang him based on her version of events, yet ALL parties chose not to. I have to think that that says something about the nature of the "evidence" she presented.
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  9. StandOnIt

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  10. LewTheShoe

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    Also, Patricia's pattern of past behavior should be considered. She had previously accused two other men of doing exactly what she accused Kurt of doing, but none of her charges stuck. I'm just saying, some women find that domestic violence card far too easy to play.

    I'm not a fan of Kurt Busch, and I have zero tolerance for men who beat women. I certainly recognize that domestic violence is all too common in our society. But despite all that, I feel Kurt deserves a presumption of innocence, given the total lack of any actual evidence or third-party testimony to the contrary. JMO.
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  11. mack

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    Unfortunately "domestic violence" charges have been weaponized. What constitutes domestic violence in my state {Alabama} is almost laughable. In Kurts case, I believe him. Because I was not present, so I have no idea what happened. The folks that had the most to lose didn't think much of her claims, He's still racing, she's in trouble. End of story to me.
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  12. DIDIT

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    My ex must have been a close relative to Driscoll. She would pound the crap out of me at times then claim it was all on me. Anybody who thinks women are not capable of domestic violence and lying is delusional.
    I don't know what happened, but I do have some empathy for Kurt. I would not be surprised that he probably did something he regrets, just like I do, but I would be willing to wager it was Driscoll who was the most aggressive party here.
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