James Harvey Hylton

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    Aww man :( rest in peace
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    Steve Waid Posts:
    Just learned via a phone call from my friend Ben White in Talladega that James Hylton and his son Tweety were killed in a traffic incident. Hylton was still active in racing at 83, in ARCA. To most NASCAR fans he is remembered as an "independent" driver and team owner with limited sponsorship and little chance to win. On the contrary, Hylton was a serious championship contender in the early '70s and then became an active advocate for second-tier drivers. Under his leadership, such drivers were awarded plan money by NASCAR to help their cause. It exists today. As a raw rookie writer, Hylton became a good source of information. He was always honest and forthright. And funny as heck . We became good friends for decades and never failed to chat when we met. Farewell, my friend. NASCAR wouldn't be the same without you. hylton.jpg
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    What terrible news. My thoughts are with all the racing family. James Hylton was one of a kind.
    Sad news, indeed.
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    R.I.P :(
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    I find it ironic when race car drivers get killed in road accidents. They spend their life in "dangerous" race cars then die going to get a taco. Not trying to be funny. Just a shame.
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    A father and son wiped out just like that. Sad. RIP
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    Holy crap. The headline of him passing would not have surprised me at any time due to him being in his 80s, but due to natural causes. That just sucks to hear that it happened like this.
    He lived a full life, thats for sure. He was still racing in ARCA just a few years ago or so.
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    Quite ironic for you to go this way. Godspeed
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    I am glad that James Hylton and his son got to live very fulfilling lives.

    R.I.P James and Tweety Hylton. Y'all will never be forgotten.
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    He went with his boots on as they say. He might not have been driving anymore, but he was still racing.
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    I just got the news a few minutes ago, and I'm just so sad. James was my hero and mentor, and Tweet was my friend. We roomed together, went out to eat together and raced together. James gave me the nickname "Dieselman" at Winchester in 2000 and I have carried ever since. I would anything for that man, and sometimes did. I wish I could say I was shocked, but sadly James and that bunch have been flirting with disaster for years, running far too many miles on far too little sleep. Last year's accident should have served as a wake-up call to everyone, but I guess not. I will miss both of them dearly and always be grateful for the chance I was given. Every single thing I got to do in professional racing was because of James Harvey Hylton. Godspeed my friends, I hope to see you on the other side.... Scan_Pic0038.jpg Scan_Pic0099.jpg Scan_Pic0036.jpg Scan_Pic0085.jpg ph57171226.jpg
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    I don't think he would have been happy any other way. He got everything he needed in life from racing. I think if ever would have had to stop going to the track it would have killed him.
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    The Roanoke Times reported that Hylton and his son and crew chief Terry Strange were traveling back to South Carolina after Friday’s ARCA race at Talladega Superspeedway when the accident happened around 6 a.m. Saturday, according to Hylton’s ex-wife Evelyn Hylton.

    She told The Roanoke Times that a police officer came to her door Saturday morning and informed her what happened.

    “[The officer] said Terry … told them that he thought James was having a heart attack and he looked over at him and lost control of the truck and went across the median and then across the other lane of traffic and hit an embankment,” Evelyn Hylton said in a phone interview with The Roanoke Times. “The truck, towing a big trailer with a race car on it, thousands of pounds, you have to be really careful.”
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    Sad news, RIP to him and Tweet
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    Terribly sad news. Prayers to friends and family. R.I.P. pray.gif
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    R.I.P. Full time in Cup from 1966 through 1981. I didn't know about the plan money; that is good to know. James Hylton was the exact driver Nascar was thinking about when the Latford points scale and championship format was designed....
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    I worked quite a bit with Terry Strange too. He was like a second son to James, and I hope he can make a full recovery and put this horrible accident behind him. Prayers to Evelyn Hylton too. Even though her and James had been divorced for years, they were still very close. I can't imagine the pain she must be feeling.
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    If James would have ever gotten real money behind him or joined one of the big teams, there's no telling what he might have accomplished. He was solidly determined to do it HIS way though, and it probably was a detriment to him in many ways. He was sort of Alan Kulwicki before Alan Kulwicki. One thing is for sure, he was NEVER afraid to ruffle NASCAR's feathers. He had his share of run-ins with Bill France Jr. and Sr, and he did not like Mike Helton one single bit.
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    Just read this. RIP James.
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    Wow, thanks for this. You are a lucky man to be around such anlegend.

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