Kenny Wallace

i think thats to soon,but it sounds like toyota has a plan, good luck to her
If she wants to run stock cars (and there's every suggestion that she does) she more than qualifies to run a feeder series. 2-3 more years of USAC/POWRI/XOS isn't going to be of much value to her learning full bodied pavement cars that weigh >2x as much.
I can play too. If the yoters force Jade to stay in the midgets next year,(if that is who she ends up with), I hope they won't be stupid enough to keep her out of cars with fenders at least part time next year. If I had my druthers, I hope they put her in at least an ARCA car racing on tracks that the Nascar upper series race on. That's the bare minimum I would go for. I would like to see her full time in a truck on the upper end.
“The racing at North Wilkesboro back in the day wasn’t very good.”

This from a guy who ran 25 Cup races at the facility, 18 of them in a Hendrick car. LOL
I know this is off-topic, but I saw Greg Biffle in one of the thumbnails. For anybody interested, the Biff has his own YouTube channel now.
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