Kevin Harvick calls for eliminating Clash, combining with All-Star Race

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by IanMcVittie, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Snappy D

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    lmao I did too and I was involved in that post.
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  2. Larsonfan1995

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    Both the All Star and the Clash wore out their welcome about 6-8 years ago. Move to a different track or remove them. All Star Race would be great at Nashville and the Clash would be great as a 15 lap road course race at Daytona.
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  3. SlicedBread22

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    I happily welcome them both annually.
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  4. Old 97

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    I was so happy to see some racing on Sunday!
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  5. SlicedBread22

    SlicedBread22 #TeamJL

    Absolutely! Even if it was possibly the least eventful (until it wasn't, then it was over) race I've seen in recent memory. I liked seeing them figure out what they could and could not do in the draft.. nothing much different than usual.. the most organized line goes to the front.. the leader is hard to pass.. and you never know what's going to happen.

    Even the most boring race is better than the off season.
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  6. mack

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    If there were ever to be a change to the ASR, I'd like to see this. Move to a 5/8ths mile track. Run an old fashioned Saturday night late model show. Start 36 cars in the 250 lap feature. Run two fifty lap heat races, with hopefully 24 cars in each. Top 18 finishers transfer to the Feature. Not sure if NASCAR could come up with 48 teams to participate, but it would be nice. I like the idea of another venue for the potential economical boost it could provide to a local area. Laid back atmosphere, non points, big purse. Not gonna happen, but that's what the thread was about.
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  7. SlicedBread22

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    "All Star" Race
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  8. FLRacingFan

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    If they really need to be on the East Coast of Florida one week before the big races, I wouldn't mind them getting in on the action at the World Series of Asphalt as @Speedbowl14 alluded to...I agree that the Clash has outlived its usefulness as I'm not terribly sure what tearing up hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment per team for a (literally) pointless race does for anyone, as the Duels have largely taken over that exhibition role since no one really gets bumped anymore.

    The All-Star Race has been used for a lot of experimental purposes, but given that we've tried everything from segments to restrictor plates to option tires there I'm not sure what else could really be thrown out there. Running somewhere else fairly local (Nashville) would not be a terrible idea.

    Of course, just because they're stale doesn't mean they don't make good money so :idunno:
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  9. Wrangler1

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    I don't necessarily want the Clash gone but I would like to see Speedweeks condensed. It would be really cool to have everything in one week with on track action everyday leading up to the 500.

    ARCA Tuesday night, Clash Wed, 500 qualifying and the duels on Thursday, Trucks Friday, Xfinity Saturday, 500 Sunday. Probably would drive the teams crazy but I would love it.
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  10. Turtle84

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    Well there's certainly a mixed bag here of what should stay and what should go. I think this is where NASCAR really needs to concentrate their efforts and gather real numbers from knowledgeable fans. What do you like and not like? What would you like more?

    IMO on the Clash, I don't think this is an isolated decision by those in-favor of something different, the same as it isn't for the All-Star race imo. I would venture a guess that some fans have long not seen the point of either one and do not understand the need to run these half-field exhibitions, ultimately resulting in unnecessary wrecked race cars. The low hanging fruit is, yes, we're ecstatic that cars are back on the track, in a similar way we're for practice and qualifying at the beginning of the year imo. There is a plethora of lead up into the 500 imo, so why?

    It may be purely a business decision for them. But, again what does this do for advancement of the sport? Is NASCAR foregoing an even better business decision by not offering something new that counts? Like their gamble on the Charlotte Roval for instance. Continuing with that, I think it is abundantly obvious that the Daytona Infield should be on the schedule in some form or fashion. If you're giving me the choice between that or the Clash, I'm choosing the Daytona road course every time.

    I also think some fans that are perceived to be arguing for less racing, are just desperately wanting NASCAR to improve their offerings, they are tired of the repetitiveness and/or squandered opportunity of what could be.

    This is a huge topic that bleeds into many other areas of discussion unfortunately, it will be hard for NASCAR to tackle all at once, but it can be done in small pieces.

    I wish Jim France and his team of decision makers all the luck in the world, as they surely can't please everyone, they can deliver the best version of the sport they deem possible for the fans.

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