Kyle Busch to RCR

Coming from Kyle's biggest cheerleader that now thinks he is done. It's funny how you two are almost exactly the same yet hate each other!
Well, I think you are right about @StandOnIt and me. I love the guy, and I know he feels the same :) ....but I don't think KB is done. I am just pointing out that KFB's new biggest fan has been suggesting this for some time now.
Hand grenade motors and now this.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Kyle's been sent to the back of the line. The other guys get to choose their cars, parts, and crew members first. Kyle gets the leftovers, if there are any. Yes, this is actually how it works. Shoot, Kyle should be thankful that he even has a pit crew for these last few races with JGR. He could easily be forced to do his own pit stops himself at this point.

Of course, all Coach is doing is fueling the fire for next season, when The Two-Man Power Trip is unleashed on this sport. The landscape has changed. Kyle now holds The Watch. :boxing:

The Busches will fit right into the cast of the Dillon’s reality show.

Which of the girls has the most shoes? Brexton vs Ace. Plot lines write themselves.
2 blown engines...
I hope the suspension systems hold up for each race, otherwise it could get very costly for Gibbs each week.......
Samantha rides a glass elevator down to her closet/dressing room. I think Toyota has given them a bit more than two blown engines.
Don't **** with the narrative man. I am still trying to get @StandOnIt to respond to your words of praise for MY Toyotas....but he just can't get himself to do that....because, you know, the narrative.
If you had any toyotas. What do you have a tercel?
I did....for 14 years. My first car. Thanks for mentioning it. That thing makes me smile. Loved that thing. Back on response to @Allenbaba, right? You type with your hands, so the foot in your mouth isn't an excuse.
I’ve never heard of a Zoom meeting between TRD, 23XI and Reddick. Maybe Tyler wasn’t so innocent after all
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