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Mar 7, 2013
I keep seeing that TRD effectively has “factory teams” and I wonder how folks define that. JGR and 23XI seem largely dependent upon significant corporate sponsorships to fund their facing programs - FedEx, Mars, McDonald’s, Bass Pro Shops, Monster. Before Next Gen, JGR built chassis themselves. Factory-built engines are provided from Costa Mesa and TRD also provides engineering support from Salisbury - setup, simulation, etc. Ford and GM have similar engineering facilities of their own.

Toyota certainly have a large presence at the grassroots level and up through Trucks, where KBM is admittedly a heavily factory-funded program that runs many of TRD’s own development prospects, complete with Toyota B2B sponsorship. From there on, teams seem to have have much more autonomy - @Allenbaba has stated numerous times that JGR and TRD have gone toe-to-toe on a number of issues and JGR ultimately has final say, sometimes in opposition to TRD. Driver lineups ultimately are JGR decisions.

At most, TRD looks to be in a factory support/semi-factory role here, not a full-fledged factory program where they fund most - if not all - of the team and have complete unquestionable authority.
This is all correct. JGR and 23XI pretty much call their own shots. At least as much as any other team. That doesn't mean they don't listen to sponsors, or collaborate with them, but all teams do.


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Jun 22, 2011
Appreciate you saying that in the first paragraph. As for the rest...are you still talking to me? Or did I miss something else? Because I can assure you, as assured as anything I've ever assured, I don't take anything personally or seriously, including myself haha.
No I was replying Revman begining on the 2nd paragraph.
Some previous post has been deleted including one of his that I was replying to so I understand the confusion.


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Feb 21, 2014
I'm curious where Toyota's development program goes? Does JGR enter Trucks? 23XI?

TRD probably doesn't have a problem on the short track side though. They already do things with several teams in Late Model Stock Car and Super Late Model racing.
dont forget Kaylee Bryson
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