Kyle larson is robby gordon 2.0

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by kyle busch 18, Feb 27, 2019.

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    The lack of responses the Coach hate contrasted by the outrage cause by my sarcasm is telling in the context of bias.
  2. Revman

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    Well, Matt went home to Jack, and was then jettisoned again....strangely, you never bring this up.
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    We just love Matt.
    Gibbs deflected questions about whether Jones was an option.

    “We love Erik; Toyota loves Erik,” he said. “Right now our situation is we need to wind up with exactly what we’re doing and come out and tell everybody as soon as we do.”

    At a sponsorship announcement in late April when Kenseth laughed off rumors he was retiring, Gibbs said that having Kenseth return next year is “certainly what we hope. That’s what we’re working toward. …
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    Yet, I have never heard anything from Matt on this. I guess we file that with Barney under all of these class acts in NASCAR that have had to deal with the owner nobody ever says anything bad about except several board members here. Comical..... Back to my post....Why didn't Jack keep him, or why didn't he stay? You pick.
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    Think Chip is in the last year of his Chevy deal.....Could be interesting.....
  6. Team Penske

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    Chip is in no position to be the #1 team for any new manufacture entering the sport. His only option would to go Ford. It would be hilarious if he became a satellite of Penske.
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    Larson coming back from a hell of a wreck at Talladega and finishing 3rd at Dover the next week, moved up 6 spots and is on the plus side of the cut off line..and crickets? :D
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    Part of Larson's problem is his crew chief.
  12. DaBiff1618

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    Good for him but this is literally the first race he's outperformed his teammate
  13. Snappy D

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    Dodge. Dodge is coming back and CGR is going to be the factory team. The 42 Dodge Dealers Charger driven by Kyle Larson. Thats it.....
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    Outside of Pheonix, either one car looks great or the other. Larson needed the finish for his confidence, he looked good all day as well. Kurt I think never got a handle on the car during the weekend, it happens to em all.

    Let's see if he can string some good finishes together.
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  15. Snappy D

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    In all seriousness, I hope Kyle gets his luck turned around. CGR is a good team, Kurt is evidence of that. The leaderboard is more fun when Kyle is in the top 3 running that high line running down the leaders.
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  16. kyle busch 18

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    A question for you all. Was robby gordon ever hyped up in the beginning like larson? Was robby expected to win and be some super talented driver like they say about larson?
  17. aunty dive

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    As I recall, there were a large number of stone tablets singing his praises.
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  18. kyle busch 18

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    Auntie what do u mean stone tablets. Robby wasnt racing very long ago
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  19. aunty dive

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    Moore's law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years.

    In other words Robby Gordon was a long time ago.
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