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PA speedweek streaming gets annoying. You've got Lincoln and Port Royal on Flo Williams Grove on Dirtvision and the rest are on Sprintcar Unlimited. It's why I try to go to as many as I can. Some year my schedule will work out to make them all.
I dont think TRD will let jade get away. They lost Deegan to Ford, but Jade seems destined to drive a hoop-tie.

Id like to see Jade next WHEN ITS TIME in ARCA and then trucks. It would be wild if we had Toni, Jade and deegan all in trucks at the same time
@aunty dive @kkfan91

Is it normal for when they get into the gas to have the front wheel lift a bit? I saw it happen on jades car a bit
Chassis dynamics … weight transfers from left front to right rear. It’s adjustable via springs (torsion bars) and shocks.

And as explained above, torque and available traction play into it.
sprints on pavement must be quite wild. like f1 almost. touch a wheel and off you go
Hit or miss I've seen some great ones I think it was silver crown a year or 2 ago at on of the paved tracks but I've also seen them run single file unable to pass. They do that with and without wings too. Little 500 is an event I want to see in person one day, 500 laps on a quarter mile for pavement sprints.
Cannon again? Man that Okie can drive. Curious to see how he does in the Chili bowl. I know he isn't racing a full field but he is tearing up the POWRi series.
He came through the B … started 14th.

21st to the win in the feature. Going home to the family operation was a good idea. 😎
Mariah Ede ... racecar driver

More big ride news in PA.


I wonder if he could go to the 39M when it's in PA since they already announced drivers for All Star Outlaw and High Limit shows.
Asphalt midgets at IRP. Look at the radical offset and the big RF spring on the 4 car.

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