Misc. Sprint/Midget Racing

Jade is maybe not the most exciting young driver - I'd go with Corey Day as that. But when I see her really cleanly and consistently put laps together and make her way forwards time and time again I would take anything less than Toyota pushing her into Trucks for a couple of seasons as a total failure of NASCAR's ladder system.
Scoring pylon says Jade 2nd from 12th and Cannon Mac 3rd from 16th starting.

Link is NFG
Chase Johnson Racing Facebook, hes making laps in turn 11 at Sonoma
The bridge has come down at Williams Grove and is off to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing.

PA sprint car season ends with a Danny Dietrich win at BAPS
Here's some photos from that race at Sonoma. They had 4 cars only and they all looked in a video I saw like they were driving it like dirt and wearing out the tires.
And Blake Anderson is off to some role with Rudeen and Skagit
Obviously all not the same competition every night or same number of starts but neat to see win totals compared.
Central Pennsylvania is getting a new race track. Well technically building a new one at an existing property this is at BAPS.
Emerson Axsom has announced he's leaving Clauson Marshall to run full time in a winged sprint for 2024. No word on what tour he's joining if any. I've seen him plenty the last two years and think given his age and experience that he might be well off staying around Indiana/Ohio and running the regional series.
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